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About Me

Hi!  I'm Kristina (she/her), the founder and owner of Compassion Evolution, LLC.  

My Story


I have treated others better than myself.   

Since I was a young child I have always been concerned with the well-being of others; people, animals, plants - all living creatures.  It upset me to witness any suffering.  I dutifully took punishments for not eating the meat on my plate. 

Unfortunately, as a result of being sensitive, experiencing abuse and intimate partner violence, and being exposed to certain cultural messages throughout my childhood, I internalized the (incorrect) beliefs that love hurts and I am not enough. 


Being dissatisfied with the existence that resulted, my adulthood has been a journey of healing and adopting a new set of beliefs for myself.  It has been an uncharted and imperfect evolution.


I long for a more compassionate world where our planet and all of its inhabitants  are safe and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

One thing that has become apparent to me (again and again!) is that compassion starts at home.  So, although I have always wanted to save the world from suffering, I know I will not get very far without first practicing compassion for myself.  


Of the MANY conventional and unconventional healing modalities and self-compassion practices I have tried, I found a few that have consistently worked for me:


Wanting to share what I had learned with others, I established a small alternative healing business in 2011 named Shanti Healing, LLC.  Ten years later, after continued learning and discovery, I refocused and renamed my business Compassion Evolution, LLC.  

My Privilege

I want to take space to acknowledge the ways in which I have experienced privilege:

  • I am considered "White"

  • I am cisgender

  • I am heterosexual

  • I am able-bodied

  • I am an American citizen

  • I am English-speaking

  • My socio-economic status is middle-class

  • I had access to education and earned a graduate degree

  • I have access to food, housing, and healthcare

Ways in which I have experienced discrimination are:

  • I am female 

  • My body is larger than American society accepts

To see how privileged you might be (or not be), take this quiz.

To learn about your implicit biases, take this test.

I believe Black Lives Matter and support racial justice and algorithmic justice.

I am an LGBTQIA+ ally.  

I acknowledge the land I live on was stolen from the Paugussett, Pequonnock, and Wappinger peoples.  To find out about the lands you are on, click here or message your city and state to @LandAcknowledgement in Facebook.

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My Professional Certifications, Trainings, & Experience


I have received certification or training in the following, which have all influenced my own compassion evolution:

I have been working in the human services field for more than 25 years, including over a decade of nonprofit management experience.  I earned a BA in Psychology from Fairfield University and a Masters in Social Work in Policy Practice from University of Connecticut School of Social Work. Since 2009 I have served as the director of a home visiting child-parent psychotherapy program for vulnerable young children and their families.

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